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Asce plus Derma Signal Kit is one of the best skin rejuvenation solutions, the result of the cooperation of exosomes and active ingredients. Exosomes contain numerous growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and genetic materials responsible for tissue repair and immune modulation. They affect the regeneration of the skin, miraculous healing, and maintaining firmness. This product will hydrate your skin with hyaluronic acid. It also contains retinol and vitamin C, which have an anti-wrinkle effect and brighten the skin

ASCE exosomes in the patented ExoSCRT™ technology have been developed as a new-generation regenerative and anti-aging therapy. ASCE exosomes are extracellular vesicles of nanometer size, which are the most important mediator of intercellular communication and have a double function: skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory.

96 types of miRNAs and over 200 types of proteins included in the ASCE+ exosomes are characterized by anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, brightening and stimulating cell migration and proliferation.

Indications for the use of ASCE plus:

Enlarged pores and redness
Loss of skin radiance and vitality
Rough and dry skin
Flabby skin that has lost its elasticity
Acne skin with acne scars
Skin with a poor ability to regenerate
Sensitive and thin skin prone to irritation
Skin with inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis, rosacea
The effects of using ASCE plus:

Elimination of wrinkles and improvement of skin tone
Visible skin rejuvenation
Perfect hydration
Improvement of skin elasticity
Increasing the production of collagen
Treatment of hypermelanosis by reducing the melanin content in the cells.
It accelerates wound healing and reduces the formation of scars after surgical procedures
Treatment of atopic dermatitis,
The main ingredients of ACNE plus:

exosomes (exosomes)
hyaluronic acid
6 minerals
5 growth factors
19 amino acids
6 peptides
4 coenzymes
The package contains:

1 vial with 20mg lyophilized powder
1 vial with activator 5ml
Store at 2℃ - 8℃.

To prepare the preparation, thoroughly mix 1 vial (lyophilized powder) with 2 vials containing the activator. The resulting solution is administered in the form of mesotherapy to the skin of the face and neck. It is recommended to perform 3-5 sessions every 4 weeks. The effects appear on the skin after 6-7 weeks.

Product for use by professionals only.