Celosome Implant

Celosome Implant

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A Celosome Implant is perfect for facial contouring and volumization. The filler is injected into the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue layer of the skin.

Benefits of Celosome Implant:

Immediately visible results after administration of the filler.
Provides deep skin hydration due to the presence of mannitol in the product composition.
No amount of BDDE residues is present in the ready-to-use filler.
Uniform gel distribution upon injecting guarantees natural-looking and aesthetically wholesome results.
The high purity of the product using its patented multi-stage filtering process minimizes the risk of allergic reactions that may occur.
It contains lidocaine which guarantees seemingly painless procedures.
Application area:

facial contouring (chin, jawline)
facial volumization (cheekbones)
nose bridge/ridge improvement