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Collafill is a translucent or opaque solution deriived from pig collagen. Efficacy/Effectiveness Collagen-containing material used to replenish missing or damaged ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, etc. during (medical, surgical) treatment and surgery.

All ingredients 1.0ml
Pig-derived collagen, sterile water for injection, sodium chloride, sodium monohydrogen phosphate dihydrate

Usage/Dosage 1) This product must be used by a professional, and the area used must be sufficiently disinfected.
2) Be sure to unpack this product in a sterile place, carefully remove the cap from the syringe, and then screw in the enclosed needle.
3) The specialist must be fully familiar with the product's characteristics, usage methods, effects, etc. to determine the injection amount and inject slowly.
4) If hypersensitivity occurs due to this product, administration should be discontinued and appropriate measures should be taken.
Storage method: Store at room temperature (1~30℃) and protected from light. Do not freeze.
Packaging unit: 1 pre-filed syr/box