Iniblanc PCL

Iniblanc PCL

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INIBLANC is the Premium Collagen Stimulator. Fully Solubilized PCL (Polycaprolactone) is the World’s First without containing micro particles. INIBLANC smoothly spreads around in the skin and regenerates Natural Skin Collagen.

What are the main benefits of INIBLANC?
Once we get aged, collagen synthesis rate decreases. Our skin starts sagging and loses elasticity which is called ‘Aging’. To solve this, lots of Anti-aging products came out but there is a limit to giving effect to localized part or to being degraded so fast.

What is the main difference between HA fillers and INIBLANC?
There are lots of HA based products in the market. And their main advantage is volumizing effect or wrinkle improvement for a localized part. On the other hand, INIBLANC smoothly spreads into the extensive facial area and improves skin elasticity and gives facial lifting for essential Anti-aging.

2 syr.