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Melsmon Cell Revitalization Extract preserves and revitalizes the weakened and aging cells strengthening the immune system and improving physical and mental capacity, preventing menopause, treating early menopause, and treatment of symptoms of menopause.


Melsmon Strengthens the function of internal organs and promotes cells' rejuvenation
Stimulates hematopoietic function
Melsmon restores the normal function for hormone production and is available at a special price
Improves lactation and enhances the growth of the mammary gland
Promote growth in babies
Melsmon improves the circulation of blood
Wound healing and promoting the formation of serum
Melsmon has powerful beauty effects - revitalizing, anti-aging, and whitening:

Increases light reflectance, inner "luminescence" of skin
Extension of tissue breathing 5-7 times
Melsmon eliminates hyperpigmentation
Regeneration of epidermis cells
50 vials