Miracle H

Miracle H

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Miracle H is for collagen rejuvenation(lifting) and skin hydration. PCL + HA Contains solubilized PCL and 1% of non cross-linked HA.

The main ingredient Polycaprolactone, diminishes facial wrinkles by restoring the underlying structure of the skin, stimulates person's own collagen growth to restore natural volume, and provides natural beauty for more than a year. Miracle-H is effective to use for skin hydration and collagen rejuvenation. It provides the dermis with moisture, due to which the skin becomes elastic and acquires a natural volume. Interaction with Hyaluronic Acid doubles the production of own collagen.

Areas to use:

Around eyes
On the cheek
Around the mouse
On the back of hands
On the breast
A box contains 5 vials.