Miracle L

Miracle L

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Miracle L is for collagen rejuvenation(lifting).

The main ingredient Polycaprolactone, diminishes facial wrinkles by restoring the underlying structure of the skin, stimulates a person's own collagen growth to restore natural volume, and provides natural beauty for more than a year. Miracle-L is effective for skin lifting and collagen rejuvenation. It provides the dermis with moisture, due to which the skin becomes elastic and acquires a natural volume. Interaction with Hyaluronic Acid doubles the production of collagen.


Neocollagenesis: Long Efficacy

HA mesotherapy provides only 1-2 weeks of efficacy after a single procedure
Collagen regenerated by Miracle can provide a natural volumizing effect for more than a year following a single procedure
Neocollagenesis: in-vivo study

Observed neocollagenesis & 1-year maintenance of Collagen regenerated via an in-vivo study
Examined regenerated tissue layer with collagen
Polymers were distributed throughout the tissue layers forming a 3-D Matrix
Dermis layer Application:

Neocollagenesis in dermis layer which contains abundant dermal fibroblast is possible with Miracle
Neocollagenesis of the Dermis is very effective in improving fine wrinkles of the face
Areas to use:

Around eyes
On the cheek
Around the mouse
On the back of hands
On the breast
A box consists of 5 vials.