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Nabota 100U, a Botulinum Toxin Type A product, is developed by the South Korean manufacturer Daewoong. It is a highly purified product which has been manufactured using a patented manufacturing process to insure impurities have been removed as much as possible.

Nabota 100 unit is:
Recommended for adults between 20 and 65
Nabota 100U is commonly used for treating Glabella Lines. Improved effects can be seen from 2 days of injection.

Nabota 100U Ingredients:
100 units of Clostridium botulinum toxin type A (standard)
Serum albumin (vitality)
sodium chloride (USP)
Nabota 100U is white or light yellow lyophilizate in a transparent vial. It becomes clear and transparent when dissolved with Saline 0.9%.

Nabota 100U Product Specifications:
Volume : 100 units
Weight : 30 g
Storage instruction : Keep sealed and store at 2~8°C
Country of Manufacturing : South Korea
Manufacturer : Daewoong
Note: The Nabota 100U vial may look empty but white powder can be seen at the bottom of the vial. This needs to be reconstituted with Saline.